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What Customers Are Saying About Cool Roof Foam And Coatings

Michael Dorsey review"My thanks to Mr. Ted Dodson and your team for the wonderful job they did on my roof. I noticed and appreciated your company's attention and determination to doing a quailty job"
- Michael Dorsey

"Cool Roof installed a new Silicone Roof Restoration System on my 48,000 SF warehouse roof that was leaking like a sieve. I was about to lose the tenant and Cool Roof saved the day. I couldn’t be happier with their performance as a company or the performance of the product. It’s the real deal and it makes all the financial sense in the world to look into a product that delivers a Manufacturer labor and material warranty at a fraction of the cost of reroofing."
- Jacob M.

"I manage a considerable amount of properties and roofing is always a contentious subject where I have been burned and have learned a lot of hard lessons. On one 5-story office building, I previously had a lot of ponding problems that contributed to the premature failure of the roof. Interestingly, all of the bids that I received (except Cool Roofs) did not address installing a ‘tapered’ roof system. New construction code is ¼” taper per foot but with a re-roof, the code only specifies ‘positive drainage’ which every contractor ‘verbally says’ their roof will drain properly but fail to describe a tapered roof system in the scope of work. So, be aware of this specific subject or you will pay twice. In this case, code dictated a complete tear-off down to substrate because I had two roofs and that is the maximum allowed. I contracted Cool Roof to perform the tear off of my old roof and installation of a new Spray Polyurethane Foam roof since they were the most competitive price plus had the best warranty. The tapered roof they installed solved my ponding problems and I have an indefinitely renewable warranty from the manufacturer that covers everything + I have a Category 5 Hurricane High Wind Warranty (the manufacturer guarantees the roof won’t blow off or leak even in a Category 5 hurricane – amazing addendum warranty). I wish I had known about this option thirty years ago. Cool Roof is a fantastic contractor and they demonstrate genuine concern for the client. I highly recommend them."
- Elise S.

"We had a large metal roof that had problematic leaking for years. I spent a considerable amount of money trying to solve the leaks to no avail. Cool Roof’s procedure was to apply Spray Polyurethane Foam to all the panel seams (both horizontal and vertical) and to all the thousands of panel fasteners and THEN installation of the high-solid silicone. That worked! Thank you Cool Roof!"
- Barry R.

"I manage a large shopping center where half of roof was aged beyond the point of no return (I thought) and I was geared up for a major capital expense re-roof when a fellow property manager told me about the Silicone roof coatings. I shopped it heavily and Cool Roof had the best price and the best warranty out of everyone that bid. They are the most professional roofing contractor that I have dealt with to date. You probably know what I know if you deal with roofing contractors regularly; It’s uncharacteristic to deal with professionals in the roofing industry. Cool Roof saved my client a significant amount of money and my property management company looked great delivering a long-term solution with a better warranty than a re-roof. Win, Win. I will definitely use Cool Roof again."
- Maurice A.

"I am the president of a high-rise condominium and we recently had Cool Roof perform an overlay Spray Polyurethane Foam roof. There are a lot of moving parts to production of this sort and everyone couldn’t compliment Cool Roof enough for the fantastic job they did. They always kept the jobsite clean and all the workers were very polite and courteous to the residents. The job came in at every turn as presented. Great Work! I will recommend Cool Roof to everyone."
- Teresa D.

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