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Understanding The Benefits Of Broward County Silicone Roof Restoration Coating

broward county silicone roof restoration coating

The most common reason commercial and industrial building owners in Broward County seek out Silicone Roof Restoration Coating is that they are having a dilemma. Usually, it is the fact that their roofing is not holding up to the elements. It really comes as no surprise; as fantastic as the weather can be here all year long, it also means extremes like wind, rain and summer heat. Your roof can heat up to over 130 degrees in the middle of a summer day, so you need a solution to keep your roof in tact without having to replace it every few years.

Reflectance, Waterproofing & More

One of the best benefits of Silicone Roof Restoration Coating is the reflectance factor. This is how the coating on your roof will help to actually reflect UV rays away from your roof. This alone can drop the temperature of your roof by 60 degrees. Not to mention that this also helps prevent the sun's rays from causing your roofing to bubble and crack, allowing water to seep in and cause major damage.

Before this type of coating, there were no long term fixes for flat roofing. So when something went wrong it meant paying for more repairs that were only a short term solution. These acrylic mends were usually only able to withstand abuse from the elements for 3-5 years. But silicone roof coatings helped change that by offering long term solutions and, in fact, one that ends up costing only 1/3 of re-roofing and with a great many more benefits.

A quality silicone roofing, that is professionally installed, will create a tough and durable membrane that will last for years to come. Not to mention, this makes your building look great. The elastomeric waterproof coating is applied in a process of spraying several layers; this ensures even and uniform coverage. Plus, this option is ideal for a variety of roofing systems, such as granulated modified, EDPM, built up, tar and gravel and so much more.

Get Started Now

The smart thing to do is give our team here at Cool Roof Foam and Coatings a call today. Let us meet with you to review with you the options that you have and help ensure that you get the results that you want. We take great pride in the line of work we do and look forward to showing you how we can transform your rooftop. Don't keep putting off until another day what we can take care of for you now and ensure that your roof is in the best shape possible.

If you are looking for silicone roof coating services in Broward County, please call 877-354-3626 or complete our online request form.