Professional Cool Roof Foam and Coatings Roofing Systems

Cool Roof Foam and Coatings Roofing Systems

When you are in search of a professional to work with for your roof coating system, you have to be sure that you are getting the best for your investment. In order to get the superior quality workmanship, products, customer care and reasonable pricing you want, the name to call on is Cool Roof Foam and Coatings. We offer essential roof coating options that will demonstrate to you why you should never settle for simply re-roofing again.

The main advantage that you can expect is the cost and savings – coating costs only 1/3 of what re-roofing does. And, you will see tremendous savings on your energy bills, as much as 30-40%, because this coating reflects UV rays helping to keep the temperature inside your commercial or industrial building cooler. All of this is why your new roofing system literally pays for itself in an average of under 5 years. Plus, FPL pays for part of the project as part of the measures to encourage businesses to make more eco-friendly choices.

You can also expect to continue to have this level of energy savings, as long as the roofing system is maintained. This is the ideal way to prolong the life of your rooftop because you are protecting with a long term solution, as opposed to continuing to make small repairs with short term results. Plus, you can enhance the appearance and enjoy the fact that this option is also UV and fire resistant.

Cool Roof Foam and Coatings

Silicone Roof Coating System

Silicone Coating Roofing System

The Silicone Coating Roofing System is an elastomeric waterproof coat sprayed on in layers until consistent coverage is reached. This is the perfect way to protect your roofing from the elements, including wind, water and extreme high temperatures. You can use this approach to cover TPO, flat roofs, cement tile, built up roofs and so much more. The bottom line is that these systems are intended to help reduce energy bills and hold up against years of abuse.

It only makes sense to want long-term waterproof protecting properties, especially when paired with essential reflective silicone traits. This will help to ensure that you do not suffer through erosion from sun and rain, like what happens when you rely on acrylic fixes. We work with Gaco Western products in order to provide you with coatings that stand up to permanent ponding and eliminate the likelihood of peeling, bubbling or breaking down. Get in touch with us today in order to find out more about how you can benefit from a Silicone Coating Roofing System.

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Complete Roof Coating System

Complete Roofing Systems

Comprised of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) + Coating

Complete Roofing Systems (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) + Coating) is another great method of protecting your roofing quality and longevity. This is applied in liquid form and converts immediately to foam. The end result is a durable, seamless, lightweight coating that protects your commercial, industrial or even residential roof from water and UV rays. You can also feel confident about the fact that our “Class A” Fire Rated silicone is then able to form a seal that offers protection for the polyurethane foam.

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Why You Should Choose A Cool Roof System For Your Property

There are so many great reasons to opt for a Cool Roof Foam and Coatings roofing system for your building. This is a great way to go green because this is a much more Earth Friendly option – lessen the negative effects on the landfill and the environment. Plus, this is a lightweight alternative so you will not be adding stress to your roof, structure and foundation. And, this sustainable system can last for decades to come, with proper maintenance and periodic recoats.

Let us provide you with a seamless, watertight coating that will protect your roof, and pay for itself in 3-5 years. Not to mention, you can feel confident about the level of quality we will invest into your project; treating it with the same care and urgency we would if it were our very own. Let us provide you with the finest in craftsmanship, products and customer service.

For a Cool Roof Foam and Coatings Specialist, please call 877-354-FOAM (3626) or complete our online request form.